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Whether you want to pay your bills in installments or go for a prepaid option, Ives Bros Oil has a payment plan to suit your convenience. Check out our various payment plans for our services and if you have any questions, get in touch with us!

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Budget Plan

The winter months can be difficult, especially when heating bills start to roll in. Avoid the crunch by paying your bill in smaller installments throughout the year. We’ll estimate your total annual heating bill and divide the payments equally over the course of the year, allowing you to organize your family’s budget and stick to it. This plan means no surprises and no going off track because of unplanned payments.

Prebuy Plan - Must Be Done by December 1st

The prebuy plan protects you from fluctuating oil prices and settles your account before the season has even begun. This payment option allows you to order your anticipated gallons, purchase them at a low, pre-season rate, and relax knowing that your heating bills are taken care of all season long.

Market Price

Choosing to purchase your fuel on an as-needed basis at our market price allows for flexibility with your fuel consumption and your budget. Our market price is always competitive and we are dedicated to making fuel deliveries as promptly as possible.

Please do consider, however, that purchasing your home heating oil on an as-needed basis at our market price does not protect you should the cost of oil dramatically increase (as on our Prebuy Plan) or offer the convenience of having predictable monthly payments (as on our Budget Plan). Choosing this option allows you to pay for your gallons as they are delivered throughout the heating season or at any time during the year.
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